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                                           ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS 

sp-sc, sp-dc, etc…..split sc, split dc, etc
pc st,....popcorn stitch
dc…....double crochet
pr........previous round
tr.........treble crochet
dtr…..double treble crochet
sc..…..single crochet
trtr.….treble treble crochet
FO.….fasten off
yo.…..yarn over
slst….slip stitch 

tr5, tr6, tr7  etc: when instructions state tr5, etc, yarn thread over hook 5 times, insert hook in stitch or space, then draw up thread, work through 2 loops at a time on hook until there is one loop left on hook. The number immediately after the tr represents how many times you must yarn over.

p:   picot: ie: ch 3, slst in 3rd ch from hook. ie: ch 7, slst in 7th  chain from hook. 

p2:    picot: ie: ch 3, slst in front bar and top loop of last st or cluster made.
Cluster:    this consists of 2 or more sc, dc, tr, etc, gathered together at the top in a tight group. Hold the last loop of ea stitch on hook, yo, draw through all loops on hook at once. 

Popcorn stitch:   work 4 or 5 dc or tr in same space, drop lp from hk, insert hk in first st made and draw lp through.

* (asterisk): repeat the instructions following the asterisk exactly as many times as specified. 

(( )), **,  [  ]:   work all the instructions from the first symbol to the second symbol as many times as specified by the number immediately following or all instructions enclosed between these symbols will be repeated later in  the same row or round. 

(  ):   work all instructions as many times as specified by the number immediately following or work all enclosed instructions in the space or stitch indicated.

Front post:   this st can be a sc, dc, tr, tr6, etc. Insert hk from front to back and to front again around st stated in the  instructions, pick up thread and complete as a normal stitch. 

Back post:   this stitch can be a sc, dc, tr, etc. Insert hook from  back to front to back again around stitch stated in the instructions, pick up thread and complete as a normal stitch. 

First, you must prepare blocking board . Copy several graphs if doing a lot of frames or sun catchers. (CLICK HERE). Cover cardboard with plastic and tape in place. Once cardboard is set up you can use for 100’s of frames/suncatchers. After crocheting several frames/suncatchers, soak in a commercial fabric stiffener, (or stiffener of choice),  for at least 15 minutes. Take frame/suncatchers out of stiffener and, with fingers, squeeze out as much stiffener as possible. Place frame/suncatchers between two pieces of heavy duty paper towel and with fingers, press out excess stiffener,  A rolling pin works wonderful if the frame does not have beads in it. Immediately place on blocking board. Use rust proof pins to pin in place. Line points of frame/suncatchers up with lines on paper. Leave on board until completely dry. Remove pins, turn  frame/suncatchers over and with stiff toothbrush, remove excess dry stiffener. To help frame/suncatchers to lie flat, simply warm with blow dryer for 10-15 seconds. Place on flat surface until cool. Cut photo ¼  inch larger than hole in frame. Glue in place. Cut a piece of felt  the size of the photo and glue over photo on back. Frames/suncatchers can be hung in your windows with a suction cup.They make excellent bazaar projects, as well as friendship gift. The color of  the thread used can be changed to suit your personal taste.     All frames/suncatchers are made with size 10 crochet cotton and a size 7 steel crochet hook. One ball will make many frames/suncatchers. No guage has been given due to individual variations in work.  Suncatchers can have beads or crystals hung from the top of the hole. Embellish with ribbon, ribbon roses and pearls also.


Note: I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the instructions in these designs. I cannot,  however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes or variations in individual work.

copyright 1992 by Rhiana Ashley Originals, P.O. Box 310, Acra, NY 12405-0310 - All
Rights Reserved

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