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~~~Buttermilk Falls~~~
My favorite place to be is at the waterfall in back of my house. We call it Buttermilk Falls.
I love to sit on the odd shaped rock on a Fall afternoon, and listen to the water trickle down the uneven, moss-covered rocks, and into the crystal clear water that waits below. All the leaves are maroon, bright yellow and pure orange. I watch them fall on the gentle flowing brook.
In the summer time there is lots of wildlife. Minnows swim around eating little bits of bread, algae and tiny particles in the water. Crayfish roam everywhere, looking for a place to live with their little family. Frogs and pollywogs hop from leaf to leaf, croaking their little hearts out. Snails are under rocks with little orange nutes  and salamanders. Deer come and drink the cool refreshing water. Birds chirp with glory and dip down for a quick bath.
Sometime, when my friends come over we go to the waterfall and play. We bring buckets and nets and catch anything we can find. We swim in the water on very hot days and cheerfully splash each other to keep cool. My dog comes too and plays with us. When it is time to go home, we let all of the marine life go so there is some to catch next time, and as I walk home, the fun day is still in my thoughts!!!
By Ashley Kristoffersen
Age 10
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