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Crochet Designs by Trish Kristoffersen

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All My Published Books
Includes photos of all designs in book
~list is oldest to newest~

LA #2214 Lacy Photo Frames 
LA #3003 Masterpiece Doilies
LA #2728 Pretty Pastel -afghans
LA #3073 Coffee 'N' Cream Doilies
LA #2746 Pretty Pineapple Doilies
LA #3081 Coasters by the Dozen
LA #2825 More Crystal Beauties -beaded snowflakes
LA #3115 Simple Elegance -doilies
LA #2851 Elegance In Ecru -Doilies
LA #3129 Simply Delightful Doilies
LA #2874 Big Book of Mini Doilies
LA #3161 Doilies with Charm
LA #2879 Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies
LA #3177 Absolutely Gorgeous Pineapple Afghans
LA #2908 Heirloom Crochet for the Bedroom
LA #3194 20 Beautiful Edgings
LA #2923 Elegant Coasters
ASN #1208 Heirloom Pineapple Doilies
LA #2935 Exquisite Pineapple Doilies
ASN #1224 Up to the Minute Mile-a-Minute Afghans
LA #2966 Mini Masterpieces- 30 mini doilies
ASN #1277 Wonderful Doilies
LA #2983 Exquisite Table Toppers
Coats and Clark books- covers only

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This page was last updated on: September 15, 2000

The background doily on this page is from book # 2935 "Exquisite Pineapple Doilies"